Truck Driver Saves “Dead” Kitten And Ends Up Adopting Him

On today’s lesson of humanity: Dennis McDonald, a 45 year old truck driver from British Columbia, Canada, was driving down a very stormy way when he spotted what looked like a “dead” cat on the side of the road. When his passenger pointed out that they “almost hit a dead cat”, he had a weird feeling that led him to go back to check on the kitten to then discover he was still breathing.

“I look quickly at the passenger mirror and honestly, something hit me,” McDonald shared. He turned back, picked up the car and took him to the nearest vet where they found out that the little animal was terribly injured, with a broken skull and nose. The kitten had an ear tattoo that led to his original owner but she couldn’t take him back and that’s when Dennis, who already owned two cats, told the vets that he would take him in, if the cat managed to recover.

The great news is that after several surgeries, the kitten is doing well expected to make a full recovery! Dennis is keeping him as promised and named him BB-8 after the beloved Star Wars robot. Now, let us all learn from this man’s huge heart; nothing better than a happy ending for a cute little kitten.










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