They are Being Laughed at, but They are the Only People Who Don’t Get Cancer

Health experts have researched their diet and lifestyle, which brought to a shocking discovery.

Experts from the Ohio University have started this study with a purpose of finding whether their lack of conventional medicine increases the risk of developing cancer. However, their findings were shocking!

Namely, it has been found that Amish have significantly lower chances to develop cancer when compared to the rest of the population, so the experts decided to research their lifestyle better with the aim of finding link between these unexpected findings.

People Who Don’t Get CancerMost Amish people don’t smoke nor drink and they are usually not promiscuous, which led to the conclusion that this lifestyle has a huge impact on the decrease of cancer instances.

Besides other factors, the amount of physical work is very important as well. Most Amish people are involved in agriculture, construction and other works which require physical activity which keeps them healthy.

While the rest of American population sits in front of the TV or computer the entire day, Amish work hard. According to the experts, this is what makes them healthy.


Another important factor is the fact that Amish people grow their own food. They use organic methods which supply them with healthy fruits and vegetables, healthy dairy and meat as well as unprocessed foods, which most of Americans will never have the chance to try.

Even though Amish are laughed at for their lifestyle and regarded as primitive, their commitment to simple life with local food brings them health and something that the rest of the world can only dream for

Source: healthiswealthofheart

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