The Latest Top 10 Korean Top Model List

The fashion world of Korea is very competitive and only the most qualified women are chosen to represent brands on runways, ads and magazine covers. Though beauty plays a big role in determining the top models in this country, other factors that matter include intelligence, speech coherence and the ability to socialize with others freely.

10. Yoon Eun-Hye

Yoon Eun-HyeYoon Eun is a supermodel, singer, actress and entertainer from South Korea. She made her debut in the entertainment industry as part-time member of the all-girl group named Baby V.O.X. Hye recently appeared on the April release of Chinese magazine BQ Beijing Youth. In the photos, she’s wearing a comfy looking shirt that exudes a free-spirited vibe.

09. Lee Hyori

Lee HyoriLee Hyori is a beautiful Korean model who’s recognized not just in her native country but all over the world. She has appeared on High Cut magazine wearing a stylish loungewear and stylish bathing suit, all ideal for the summer season. In the latest issue of Cosmopolitan, Lee has taken various attractive photos in the Island of Bali, wearing light, casual, breathable clothes meant to represent the spirit of freedom and adventure. Hyori is a popular household name in Korea’s fashion industry.

08. Kim Hye-Soo

Kim Hye-SooHye-soo was born on September 5th 1970 to South Korean parents. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Theater and Film from Dongguk College as well as a Master’s in Journalism from the Sungkyunkwan University. Apart from modeling she’s also a successful actress having appeared in more than 50 Film and TV Shows. On March 2012, Kim showcased the cover of InStyle magazine wearing Lifestyle ROCKPORT designer brands. The photoshoot was aimed at presenting city-life attire and active wear brands. Two years later on March 7th 2014 she made an impression for Ann Sui’s designer sunglass collection. During her free time the model does a little bit of painting, some of her works have been sold for millions of Wons.

07. Kim Sa-Rang

Kim Sa-RangKim Sa-rang is an internationally acclaimed S. Korean actress and model born in January 12th 1978. She attended Yong In University in her native country and later on ventured into the world of modeling, Kim was crowned Miss Korea on May 28th, 2000 at Sejong Cultural and Arts Center which was the same venue that hosted Miss Universe pageant event of 1980. Later on she represented her country at the same event in 2001, winning the prize for Best National Costume with her Korean hanbok outfit.

06. Song Hye-Kyo

Song Hye-KyoSong first made her debut in modeling at the age of fourteen years after she won her school’s uniform model contest. Later on in her career, she signed the first ever South Korean acting and modeling contract with French-based agency Effigies in 2011. She has appeared on the front cover of Bazaar, Vogue, Elle and many other international publications. Currently Hye-Kyo is signed to the New York based United Artist Agency.

05. Bae Doona

Bae DoonaBae Doona is a model, actress and photographer born in October 11th 1979. She joined Hangyang University in 1998 as a fresher where her talent was first discovered by a modeling talent agency, a few months later she did a fashion act for clothing line COOLDOG’S catalog then later on Migliore, Binggrae, TM21 and G-Rush amongst others. Though nowadays she mainly focuses on TV shows, her passion for modeling is far from over.

04. Jun Ji-Hyun

Jun Ji-HyunJun is popularly known amongst her peers as ‘Gianna,’ the beautiful actress and model began her career in 1997 appearing in local TV Sitcoms as well as modeling contests. Hyun has appeared in Harpers Bazaar’s August 2009 designer special magazine, through this act she pioneered the way for Korean models in the international fashion and beauty cover issue industry since beforehand it was rare to find any. Moreover, Shesmiss agency recently selected her as an elite model for their upcoming line of women’s wear. Lately, Gianna captured her audience’s attention by donning Shesmiss’ oversize coat while acting on SBS drama series ‘Man from Star,’ the overcoat became an instant sensation having sold 2,500 units by the time the 3hr show ended. Jun has also made appearances for Elle magazine and Smiles.

03. Han Ye Seul

Han Ye SeulPopularly known as Kim Leslie, Han Ye is both a supermodel and actress born in September 18th 1982 at Los Angeles, California. Though born in the US, she fully gave up her American citizenship in 2004 and started marketing herself as a Korean in the entertainment industry. Seul is currently signed to SidusHQ agency. Due to her multi-talented personality, she has managed to feature in various showbiz acts including dramas, movies and commercials for Samsung, Motorola, Pizza Hut, health drinks and beauty products. Ye has also made vocal appearances on DreamWorks Animation film Monsters versus Aliens, she continues to charm the world with her cute face and warm smile. Han definitely deserves to be on the top 10 Korean top model list.

02. Hyoni Kang

Hyoni KangHyoni is a young South Korean fashion model born in 22/09/1987. She started her career in Feb 2008 as a rookie showgirl for Jason Wu and 3.1 Phillip Lim in New York, later appearing in Lacoste’s spring/summer 09 issue. Hyoni has also been invited to open the spring Trovata event and close Nanette Lepore fashion show in New York. Not only has she made her mark in runways but also photo shootouts for world-renowned magazines, her first appearance was on Korean Vogue then Teen Vogue, Chinese Vogue and finally Marie Claire magazine. The model owns her own agency called Reborn Process together with her friends Lee Jun-Yeop who’s a photographer/film maker and Ae-Ri, a stylist whom she met at Ford Modeling contest. Kang redesigns and embroiders new fabric pieces with materials obtained from San Diego, New York and Los Angeles, all in a bid to make products that can fit today’s fashion style and preferences.

01. Hye Jung Lee

Hye Jung LeeHyu Lee is a beautiful, blonde eyed Korean supermodel, she made her official debut at a local fashion show way back in 2008 and 2yrs later she was strolling down international catwalks in Paris and New York. Jung has worked with many renowned designer brands such as Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani, Chris Benz and Tadashi Shoji amongst others. She has also done official editorial work for monthlies like Stiletto, Glamour Germany, Allure, Elle and Vogue Korea. Currently, the supermodel is signed to two fashion houses which are Tokyo’s Bravo Models and Major Models which has offices in Paris, New York and Milan.

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