Top 10 Most Beautiful Celebrities Chinese Girl Everyone Loves

Many of us love Chinese soap operas, pop stars and not to mention Chinese movies and on many occasions we certainly would love to get a better glimpse into the life of our favorite stars. If you have one or more Chinese stars that you love very much and would like to learn more about their success and the movies they starred in, then you’re in for a surprise. Below we’re going to take a closer look at the top 10 most beautiful Celebrities Chinese Girl and see which of them ranks first in our countdown.

10. Li Bingbing

Li Bingbing
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After graduating from Shanghai Theatre Academy, Li Bingbing starred in a few movies which brought her to the public’s attention. However, it’s the TV series called Young Justice Bao that propelled her career to international stardom and allowed her to become famous worldwide. After collaborating in a project with Hollywood called Snow Flower and the secret fan, she managed to increase her income to a whopping 33.7 million CNY or 5.21 million dollars.

9. Shu Qi

Shu Qi
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Shu Qi is one of China’s most popular movie stars who started her career by appearing on the cover of many soft-core porn magazines. But when she met Manfred Wong after being a few years in the business, he finally signed her up for a role in a few of his movies, including Sex and Zen 2. Because of her talent Shu Qi won a Golden Horse, Hong Kong Film and Golden Bauhinia award.

8. Cecilia Cheung

Cecilia Cheung
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Being both a pop singer and film actress, you can easily say Cecilia is quite busy with her career and that’s certainly true. After starring in movies like The Promise, Lost in time and The lion roars, she went on to marry famous actor Nicolas Tse with whom she had 2 kids with. And even though she took a break from filming and singing after giving birth, Cecilia quickly resumed her career which keeps helping her earn more than 4.7 million dollars a year.

7. Yao Chen

Yao Chen

This young actress is very well known for her role in the sitcom My Own Swordsman, but she also had a role in the very successfully TV series known as Lurk. Due to her amazing acting skills, she won the Golden Eagle award which Yao said brought great joy to her as an actress. Currently, her career is going strong and she is invited to take part in many commercials which help round up her income to 4.72 million dollars per annum.

6. Barbie Hsu

Barbie Hsu
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Known for her famous role in the drama called Meteor Garden, but also as a singer in the group ASOS, Barbie Hsu manages to easily impress everyone she collaborates with. While generally superstars are said to have little time for personal relationships, Barbie Hsu seems to be an exception to the rule, since she married Wang Xiaofei, a catering millionaire from Beijing just a few years ago. And with an income of 5.21 million dollars only from her, I guess they can both live a very happy and comfortable life together.

5. Jolin Tsai

Jolin Tsai
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Jolin Tsai is an actor, a dancer and also a singer which ascended to stardom after she was signed by Universal Music and released her first album titled Jolin 1019. The album sold in more than 400 thousand copies at launch and continued to sell until it reached more than 23 million copies only in Asia. However, that didn’t keep her from not getting busy with other projects and she recently launched her newest album and took part in many ads which rounded up her income to 8.34 million dollars.

4. Lin Chi-ling

Lin Chi-ling
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Being both an actress and a supermodel, Lin Chi-ling has a staggering beauty and gentle demeanor which makes her very interesting to the large public. What makes her special amongst other superstars on the slit is that she had an extremely fast ascent to fame and currently makes most of her income from commercial endorsements and advertisements.

3. Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing
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Many refer to Fan Bingbing as the Asian version of Monica Bellucci and her rise to fame was due to performances in productions like Buddha Mountain and Shaolin. Her talent was soon rewarded by receiving a Best Actress award at the Tokyo International Film Festival for her performance in Buddha Mountain. Currently, her income is shy of 8 million dollars which goes to show she really is living the high life.

2. Zhang Ziyi

Zhang Ziyi
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Maybe you don’t know her by the name, but Zhang Ziyi is one of the most popular international Chinese actresses in the world. While she played in many movies and received a Golden Globe and BAFTA Award nomination, recently she started rebuilding her public image by taking part in as many charity events as possible. During her assessment period, her income reached a staggering 11.52 million dollars.

1. Faye Wong

Faye Wong
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The number one Asian celebrity is Faye Wong who is a very talented pop singer whose concerts always sell out. She did take a break from the scene for a while for personal reasons, but her comeback concerts proved she still has the talent people have come to love her for. And with an income of 18.24 million dollars, you can easily say she is amongst China’s most successful superstars to date!

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