Top 10 Most Successful Hollywood Marriages

Retaining a perfect union between you and your wife can be termed as one of the most challenging tasks. In fact, not all people make it in marriage life. Some get committed initially but drop the zeal as time passes by. The truth is that a lot of people do not know the art of keeping the marriage spark on. It calls for a lot of knowledge and strategies if you must lead a successful marriage life.

In most cases, celebrities are always considered to be weak when it comes to marriage issues. This has however been proven a stereotype since there is a good number of Hollywood stars who have managed to remain in marriage life for a remarkably long time. As a matter of fact, there are Hollywood actors who got married to each other in similar fields and their knot of love is still intact. Checkout the ten most successful Hollywood marriages in the world’s history:

10. Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson

Tom Hanks And Rita WilsonThe couple met in one of their movie setting back in 1985. They coated for 3 years. They later got married in 1988. The couple is regarded one of the most outstanding and more so successful with regard to their relationship. Their marriage is still as good as new even after that long time.

9. Will Smith And Jada Pinkett Smith

Will Smith And Jada Pinkett SmithThis happens to be one of the re-known Hollywood couples that has spent a remarkably long time together. Jada met Will smith in one of his television show shooting back in 1990. They started meeting and their relationship took 7 years before they tied their marriage knot. They are still enjoying their marriage up to date, with one of their children shining in the same field as his parents’.

8. Danny DeVito And Rhea Perlman

Danny DeVito And Rhea PerlmanThe couple comes as one that has spent a remarkably long time in marriage. As a matter of fact, they celebrated their 25th marriage anniversary not so long ago. One of their unique defining features is that they love keeping their marriage issues discrete. However, despite their discreteness, it has been revealed that they have 3 children already.

7. Catherine Zeta And Michael Douglas

Catherine Zeta And Michael DouglasThese is yet another set of celebrities who are happily celebrating their marriage. They have been married for a long time now since this is their 9th year. One thing you will like about this couple is that they love keeping everything about their marriage to themselves. They actually do not entertain any leakage of their marriage information to the public. Sometimes back, there were rumors that the two signed an agreement of marriage discretion as they were tying their knot. As a matter of fact, the man is believed to pay millions of dollars should there be any form of marriage indiscretion. Aside from that, the couple has been blessed with two kids which is a great indication of their marriage union.

6. Dustin Hoffman And Lisa Gottsegen

Dustin Hoffman And Lisa GottsegenDustin is one of the Hollywood great names and one who have managed to make his relationship with Lisa work. The couple is actually considered one of the most successful not only in America but globally. Interestingly, the couple has been in marriage for over 30 years. They tied their marriage knot back in 1980. The two are now at their old ages but still have the marriage fire blazing.

5. Meryl Streep And Don Gummer

Meryl Streep And Don GummerFor more than 32 years now, Streep and Don have been a man and wife. Their union stands as one of the most successful as compared to others in the entertainment industry. One thing that Streep made clear is that their marriage longevity is as a result of understanding between her and Gummer. It does not mean that they have had no problems during their marriage life but they have managed to make everything work. In fact, their union is one that most people yearn to emulate.

4. Melanie Griffith And Antonio Brandars

Melanie Griffith And Antonio BrendarsJust like most celebrities do, the two met on the set of  ’Two Much’. They only coated for one year and decided to enter into marriage. Melanie and Antonio are actress and actor respectively and have been in practice for a long time now. They are parents to one daughter who they got a short moment after marriage. A simple judgment made with regard to the tattoo on Melanie’s arm indicates that their marriage is moving on well. It is very clear that the duo is not about to quit the relationship any time soon.

3. Kelvin Bacon And Kyra Sedgwick

Kelvin Bacon And kyra SedgwickHere comes yet another couple that met in their field of specialization. They are both venturing in the movie industry which is precisely the setting they met in. In fact, Kelvin and kyra featured in a PBS movie which was done way back in the 80s. they tied their marriage knot back in 1988 and have not strayed from their union since then. They are already 23 years gone with their marriage. One thing you will definitely like about the couple is that despite being a man and wife, they have always been working together. This is something not so common among other celebrity couples. They are parents to two children and their marriage is one of the most promising in Hollywood.

2. Sarah Jessica And Matthew Broderick

Sarah Jessica And Mathew BroderickThis is one couple known to have gotten married in a rather odd setting. This is something that actually defines the two lovers. They got married in a neglected synagogue which was perhaps a way of making everything look traditional. It is believed that the two really love traditional matters hence the reason behind their wedding venue and setting. Not to mention, the couple is known to be very discrete with their private matters despite the fact that they are celebrities.

1. Courtney Cox And David Arquette

Courtney Cox And David ArquetteEverything that this couple does is unified by their marriage. It is just incredible to know that they work together even after 15 years of marriage. They own a production company and real estate business jointly. It is a perfect example of how married couples should lead their lives. It is said that the couple does not believe in anything to do with divorce.


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