Top 10 Strange Animals Around The World

Mother Nature never fails to impress us with its marvelous creations. It’s only in nature where you are assured of discovering creation at its best. In the animal kingdom to be precise, there is so much to marvel about. From the most beautiful creatures that exist to the strangest ones that you will ever set your eyes on and even those that you will probably never lay your eyes on; some you have no idea that they exist at all. This article is a collection of the top 10 strange animals around the world. They may be fairly unpleasant to the eye or unattractive if you may but that is as far as the eye is able to see; they are cute in their own respect. This list is in no particular order but all the same these animals make it to the top 10 list of the world’s strangest animals around the world.

10. Aye Aye

Aye AyeThis animal has a very scary sight. It’s a nocturnal animal and is rated as the world’s largest nocturnal animal. Its origin is deeply rooted in Madagascar. This animal is very well adapted in terms of hunting for its food. Whenever it hungry, it sets on to fend for itself by tapping on the tress in search of larvae. Once it sure there is larvae, it gnaws holes in that tree, then inserts a finger and pulls the larvae out. In addition to larvae its favorite foods include sweet foods and fruits such as coconut and sugarcane.

9. Blobfish

BlobfishIt’s usually found in Australia’s and Tasmania’s deep waters that rock a massive 600-1200 meters in terms of depth. It has a sad looking appearance. Its flesh can be described as a gelatinous mass with a density less than that of water. This density enables it to float on water without having to experience any loss in energy. The blobfish does not need any muscle to hunt for food as it is able to consume anything possible that comes its way. It has a unique characteristic of looking as though it has very difficult days which is the reason for its sad appearance.

8. Yeti Crab

Yeti crabThis animal was not known until later in the year 2005. The Yeti crab is known in many circles as Kiwa hirsute. It’s usually found in the deep waters of the South Pacific Ocean. In terms of its appearance, it’s about 15 centimeters in length and its eyes are reduced to a large extent and surprisingly they are not pigmented. In addition it has pincers with lots of hairs which harbor the filamentous strain of bacteria which is very useful for detoxification purposes. It detoxifies water which is around the hydrothermal vents where it resides. This animal looks very weird and on first sight you wouldn’t go for the idea that it’s an animal in the first place!

7. Hairy Frogfish

Hairy frogfishKnown for its worm like lure, the Hairy frogfish which also goes by the name the anglerfish has its roots in in the major dive areas of Indonesia, Borneo and the Philippines is not an easy animal to detect because it is endowed with camouflaging ability, it’s an animal that looks very unfriendly from the look of it.

6. Philippine Tarsier

Philippine tarsierThe name tarsier originates from the fact that these animals have very long tarsus bones in the feet. They are also endowed with very huge eyes. Each eye has a diameter of about 16 millimeters which is as big as their brain. They also have very elongated fingers which is the same length as its upper arm. Apart from having these weird appearances, they have very sophisticated hunting skills. They are very athletic and can pounce on birds in midair. Among this list of strangest animals, they are considered to be the most attractive.

5. Star Nosed Mole

Star nosed moleIt is usually found in the US and Canada. A mature adult has a length of about between 15 and 20 centimeters. It feds on a diet of worms, snails, small rodents, clams among others. This name is a culmination is its big nose which is made up of 22 tentacles. It assists it with the hunt for food. When you first set your eyes on this animal, you are tempted to think that it’s a casualty who has lost its head form an explosion

4. Axolotl

AxolotlThis animal has very weird developments. Its larvae do not undergo metamorphosis which makes the adults to remain aquatic or gilled. It has the ability to regenerate quite a number of its body parts and hence employed as guinea-pigs in scientific research. Its origin is in Mexico

3. Long-Eared Jerboa

Long-eared jerboaIt’s a nocturnal animal that resembles a rodent, it’s found in Mongolia mainly in the Palearctic zone. It measures about 7 and 9 centimeters. The tail alone measures approximately 16 centimeters. The ears are very large in addition to having long hind legs which enable it to jump. The ears are very large compared to the body, a characteristic that is unique to it alone..

2. Sea Pig Or Scotoplanes

Sea pig or ScotoplanesThey can be found deep in the oceans around the world with the exception of the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the east. They clock about 5 and 10 centimeters in length. In addition they have about 10 tentacles and long tube feet .They feed on organic particles which they extract from sea mud. Their appearance resembles utters which have been removed from a cow.

1. Proboscis Monkey

Proboscis monkeyThis monkey has a very long nose. It can be found in Borneo. It a relatively large animal that is about 60 to 70 centimeters long. The male animals are larger in terms of weight as they can weigh up to 23 kilograms while the female weighs half that size. Their habitat is on top of trees but they land only when looking for food. They feed on a diet of seeds, unripe fruits, insects and leaves. It has a strange face which resembles that of a bureaucrat who is very unfriendly.

finally the animal kingdom has so many creatures that you fail to fathom how they came into existence but all in all they are in existence for our own viewing and pleasure. therefore lets enjoy what nature has to offer.


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