Top 10 Strange Things Going On In The World

Some of them are big, others are small. Some are exciting while others will leave you astonished but the fact remains they are strange. The world is full of wonders where some are under study while some will not give the slightest understanding about their existence. As a matter of fact strange things do not only occur in nature, others will just be in our bodies and others influenced by human activities. Scientists and other interested scholars try to understand the mystery behind these things with no success but some will be explained slightly. Below is a list of the top ten strange things you dint know about.

10. Lucid Dreaming

Lucid DreamingYou will find out that not strange things are associated with nature? Have you ever tried to understand the idea behind dreaming? Lucid dreaming will take place when you realize you are dreaming and actually in the dream. Some of the scientist will tell you that people dream what they mostly think of or what your day to day life is all about. This is not true since at times you have thrilling dreams you wouldn’t wish to have at any other time. Some dreams are just awesome and you can even imagine yourself in the dream and associate it with real life. Understanding the theory or fact behind dreams is just weird. No one can explain how it really happens.

9. Rainbow

RainbowEveryone sees the rainbow as a beautiful phenomenon with pretty colors. Rainbows are created when droplets of water combine with mist and then reflected by sun light and that is the reason they mostly occur around waterfalls or when it is raining but sunlight still reaching the droplets. Have you ever had some time to think about how this phenomenon takes place? There is no valid explanation on how this phenomenon take place and how the rainbow produce a combination of different colors. It is just strange how this phenomenon unfolds.

8. Sprites

SpritesSprites take place as high energy electric discharge that mostly occur above thunderstorm clouds. They are believed to be caused by positive discharge of lightning between the ground and thunderstorm and it gives rise to several unusual bright visual shapes. They last for only a few milliseconds and are very rare. They are closely related to lightning and some people cannot understand how sprites take place in just a span of milliseconds and how the visual shapes are formed. They are just eye catching and strange in case you happen to see them.

7. Daredevil Climbers

Dare Devil ClimbersHave you ever met people who care less about their lives? The dare devil climbers in Ukraine and Moscow are just strange on how they climb tall buildings without any protective gear. Despite being a challenging activity, they say it is fun and interesting climbing tall buildings to take pictures but the strange thing about it is that they don’t wear any protective gear while climbing. Accidents do happen and you can slip and fall from the roof and that amounts to death if it was a tall building.

6. Life Itself

Life ItselfYour body carries out millions of activities to ensure you are still living. It is composed of atoms that have the ability to create body cells and that’s how a small baby grows and ages. The life cycle of human itself is just amazing but you won’t understand some of the things behind it. Try to ask yourself how your body coordinates, how these atoms work, how they started and even who started it. Several explanations try to explain how life started with many philosophical questions that are left unanswered. Ask yourself why we are here, how we are here and who brought us here or where did it all start.

5. Formation Of The World

Formation Of The WorldAs we look in to the unfolding mysteries of the world, try to ask yourself how the world itself was formed. Scientists have come up with various theories trying to explain formation of the world but left many questions unanswered. The earth is believed to be round, but how was this possible? The division of water bodies with the main land and making sure the waters do not go to the main land. Below the earth the temperatures are believed to be very high but what causes the heat. It is just one of the strange things about the world.

4. Force Of Gravity

Force Of GravityScientists have tried to answer some questions behind the force of gravity. The force is associated with the ability to pull anything on it towards the center of the earth. But how strong is this force with the ability to pull everything on it? There are no facts about how this happens and scientists have just pointed out theories behind the mystery.

3. Taos Hum

Taos HumTaos hum is usually a low frequency humming sound that occurs more often in Taos in Mexico. The hums have been reported in various places all over the world and it is associated with sounds caused by machines and other industry equipments. The strange thing about the hums is that nobody has ever identified the source of the noise which is gradually intensified and gets louder mostly in buildings. It is mostly heard by about 2% of the population.

2. Green Flashes

Green FlashesWhen the sun is rising or at times as it sets, the edge of the sun appears to be green and bright but only observed from a distant horizon. It is seen clearly when the atmospheric condition is clear with no clouds down to the horizon. This strange phenomenon last for about a second and it is said to be caused by a reflation of light in the atmosphere.

1. Disappearance Of Malaysian Airplane

Disappearance Of Malaysian AirplaneHow the Malaysian air flight with 239 passengers on board went missing remains to be a mystery. No one understands how it happened and even with the search of the black box it was nowhere to be found. Try to ask yourself how this is possible. How can something just disappear without trace? how?

It is indisputable that there are real strange things happening in the world some of which no one can understand the cause, reason or even how they happen. More are in the process of happening while others are yet to happen. Above is just a list of the top ten things happening in the world.

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