Need A Laugh Today? These Anchorman Quotes Will Do Just That!

Out of all the comedy movies released over the years, one that has remained as a gold standard of quotable humor is Anchorman. It’s hard to find people that don’t like this movie, simply because it’s got the right mix of funny to trigger everyone’s funny bone at least once while watching. The all-star cast members bring out the best in their assorted characters, creating a quirky and hysterical set of employees that most of us would probably dread working with in reality. Along with the straight up funny material and jokes, this movie also has a story to go alongside which is just solid enough to make it an actual plot instead of a collection of silly skits tied together.

If you haven’t watched the movie yet, it should become the top priority on your new movies list! Get a few good chuckles in today by reading one of the best lists of Anchorman quotes around. While you can’t sum up everything that’s funny about the movie with just the quotes, you can definitely jog your memory or make others that haven’t seen the movie anxious to watch it once they hear the hilarious quotes for themselves! Know some Anchorman fans out there? Make their day a little better and send the best quotes their way!

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