Top 10 The Best Winter Trips 2014

Winter is one of the two main seasons that the residents of far north and south parts of the planet Earth. Unlike the summer season which is relatively calm and warm, winter is very cold most characterized by the heavy storms of snow in some parts while others experience heavy ice falling all over the place. This makes the place almost inhabitable for human to carry out their normal activities making the dwellers to move away from their homes to escape this weather while others visits the winter places to enjoy the snow. There are several places that many people like to visit during this period. These places are very well known to host many visitors. The most visited areas include Europe and The United States of America. Here are some of these places

10. Rovaniemi, Finland

Rovaniemi, FinlandThis place is mostly celebrated since it is believed to be the home of the famous Christmas figure Santa Claus. Many people of Christian faith visits Santa Claus in this Beautiful city of Finland just to witness his presence and also to demystify the myths that he has some supernatural powers that enables him to move from one place to another within a flash of a seconds. Ronaviemi temperature can go down to zero degrees thus making the place very cold. Thus if you have any plan of paying a visit to this place you need to have heavy clothing with you. It is a fun place to be in the winter season and the experience will be memorable and worth to keep good memories.

9. Christmas Market, Austria And German

Christmas Market, Austria And GermanCentral Europe experiences the best part of the winter. Winters have been there from early times even before civilization. Thus there were some activities that have been known to have been practiced and have been passed from generations to generations. Germany and Austria holds the historic romantic markets. These markets will always appear on the winter season and is usually characterized by the presence of the beautiful stalls that native gingerbreads, the sleigh bell and the good cheer toasted with a gluhwen glass. The famous cologne, Vienna and Munich markets are the main attraction to tourist and many of them flock. So any time you want to visit Germany you must visit the above places to feel the experience to the fullest.

8. Abisko In Sweden

Abisko In SwedenLocated on farthest north, Abisco is also one of the most beautiful city to experience the winter season. The place apart from experiencing the lowest temperatures, it also has a unique feature that attracts many tourist. This feature is brought about by the absence of sun. Here the sun takes several weeks in December without rising thus giving a continuous dark. It is this dark that attracts those people who are in love. It also provides a good viewing of the magnificent aurora borealis. There are also skiing competitions at cross-country level along the national park trails provided by the government. You cannot avoid visiting Kiruna for a good view of the famous Icehotel. This makes it earn a slot in top 10 the best winter trips 2014. So a visit to Abisco in Sweden is an experience you cannot forget.

7. Athens In Greece

Athens In GreeceGreece is a famous place that you cannot avoid to visit. From the earliest myths surrounding its history, Greece has been an attraction to many tourists for different reasons. It is believed that it is the home of the civilization and thus it holds so much historical features in it that many people would love to have a view to. The city of Athens ancient heritage is the best you can have all over the world and just being there is a great experience. Island-hopping is also a very nice activity to end your trip in Athens.

6. Copenhagen In Denmark

Copenhagen In DenmarkBeing one the main cities in Denmark, the number of tourist in it considerably large. There many attractive places that you can visit including the Noma meals. Noma is restaurant that is considered to among the world’s best places to have a decent meal. The presence of the Tivoli amusement park and the heartwarming illuminations are also some but few amazing site that can make love the place.

5. Budapest In Hungary

Budapest In HungaryBudapest is a great city in the beautiful country of hungary and it is famous for its ornates thermal baths which are enjoyed by the couples touring the city. It is usually done after going around the chilly. Skating is also a very a great activity enjoyed by the couples so if you are a couple then you have the best place to spend a chilly day and end up with a very warm shower. At night enjoying a drink at the artfully made once-abandoned building completes the romantic your evening.

4. Jasna In Slovakia

Jasna In SlovakiaJasna being a resort in Slovakia benefits from the government policy of providing skiing at a very low price. The cost of touring the city is also very low since food and accommodation is available at a very low price. Slovakia provides one of the most magnificent views of Alpine slopes which will make your vacation and the tour very enjoyable.

3. Andalucia In Spain

Andalucia In SpainThis place in spain boarder the African continent. The place experiences warmer temperatures and thus if you want a relatively warm temperature this is the best place to be. The cost of touring the Andalucia is very cheap due to availability cheap accommodation. Also the crowds here are very small making it relaxing for anyone who wants to go a quiet tour.

2. Transylvania In Romania

Transylvania In RomaniaRomania is an ancient city and its historical sites are a major attraction. Brasov and sighisoara towns which are just two hours apart if travelled by rail are some of the attraction to visit once you are in Romania.

1. Venice In Italy

Venice In ItalyVenice also has very nice ancient sites that are worth visiting. The historic musketeers make the experience quite amazing. It’s a place that if you are a lover of history you need to visit.

These are just a few of European top 10 the best winter trips 2014 but remember there are other parts of the world like in Africa and America where you can also visit during winter season.


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