Quick-Thinking ER Doctor Catches Flying Newborn Baby

We’ve seen some pretty crazy childbirth stories before, and this one is no exception. The following is a scene from an unbelievable night in the emergency room, courtesy of a 2005 episode of “Untold Stories of the ER.”

Dr. Mauricio Heilbron, Jr. was tending to several patients at his hospital in San Pedro, California. He was dealing with a critical gunshot victim and another man whose small intestines were outside his body.

docDr. Heilbron thought the day couldn’t possibly get any more hectic… but boy, was he wrong! Because out of nowhere, Dr. Heilbron heard the sound of a pregnant woman howling in pain — then the frantic footsteps of someone running down the hallway at full speed.

The footsteps were that of an unnamed ER doctor who landed on his knees on the pregnant woman’s gurney just as her baby came flying out. Literally, the baby flew out of her without any warning! Like some kind of psychic superhero, the ER physician knew what was about to happen and the potential horror should no one be there at the woman’s feet, so he leapt atop the gurney and caught the baby in his arms the second Mom delivered. “Sweet catch!” is right!

All of the doctors and nurses stood there stunned as the heroic ER physician held onto the infant. Too bad he was wearing a nice buttoned shirt, pressed pants and oxford shoes at the time of the incredible catch! “Here’s this immaculately-dressed emergency room physician now covered in afterbirth, blood, fluid, feces, urine, God knows what else,” Dr. Heilbron says. Hey, a doctor’s gotta do what a doctor’s gotta do.

Can you imagine if the ER doctor hadn’t followed his gut instinct? Just incredible.

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