List 10 Countries With Highest Technology

The world has always been a competitive place; whether it is fashion or sports, nations are always fighting to dominate in all arenas, the purpose being to stand superior and earn a place in history. Where military might once stood supreme as the foremost means through which countries could boast of their superiority over their neighbors, today technology is quickly rising as that one arena within which all nations want to stand unopposed. List 10 countries with highest technology.

Anyone asked to list 10 countries with highest technology will struggle to meet the demands of the task; after all there are various factors that must be considered when the question of technologically advanced nations rises. With different nations achieving and exceeding expectations in different arenas, scrutinizing the achievements of the different countries to create a list comprehensive enough to paint an accurate picture of their technological capabilities can become complicated, some of those nations commonly believed to stand above the rest in the area of technology including the following:

10. Israel

Technology Of IsraelThis Middle Eastern nation has develop a pretty successful private technology sector over the years; with a considerable portion of the population investing their time in the technological industry, Israel has also been making consistent strides in agriculture, maximizing the potential of its desert lands even while trailing close behind Silicon valley in the information technology arena.

9. The Philippines

Technology Of The PhilippinesThis ancient nation was dabbling with nuclear power and technology long before China had even considered the option of nuclear energy; with rumors of a highly sophisticated intelligence service and a rapidly advancing technical industry, the true extent of the Philippines’ technical progress is a valuable secret, with the majority of the nation’s advancements protected under their national security acts.

8. Canada

Canada TechnologyCanada is the hub of mobile technology; not many people realize that Canada, in some ways, is leaps and bounds ahead of its neighbor, the United States, in terms of technology, with the nation not only contributing immensely to the advancement of the world’s major space programs but also leading its friends and rivals in the generation of efficient yet safe electrical energy.

7. Britain

Britain TechnologyThis ancient empire has been playing a role in global technological advancements since the middle ages; certainly there isn’t much that one could point to that is produced or invented in England. However the fact that the majority of the world’s greatest scientists have come from Great Britain more than speaks for itself.

6. China

China TechnologyThis ancient civilization has been at the forefront of science since it invented gunpowder; the nation has made a habit of taking the world’s greatest inventions and reproducing cheaper but equally effective versions.

5. Germany

Germany TechnologyGermany is a technical fantasy land, not only leading the way in the automobile sector but striding leaps and bounds ahead of its competition with regards to industrial equipment and machinery.

4. South Korea

South Korea TechnologyYou cannot speak of South Korea without mentioning its bullet trains, advanced mobile technology, futuristic computing equipment and the fasted WiFi internet speeds in the world.

3. India

India TechnologyIndia is so attractive because it started with nothing but now enjoys the attention of the world as a true giant in the information technology arena; with never before seen inventions in medicine complimented by a rapidly rising economy, India seems set to contend with the most powerful nations in the West.

2. United States of America

United States of America TechnologyThe most powerful nation in the world also commands the greatest respect in the arena of technology; the United States is consistently setting trends, not in one or two, but all sectors of science and technology, leading the way in space exploration even while boasting unrivaled military prowess.

1. Japan

Japan TechnologyJapan is recognized as the world’s most technologically advanced nation; with unrivaled advancements in nuclear energy, rapidly advancing transport system and numerous inventions emerging out of the entertainment and computing sectors , this Asian nation’s near futuristic technologies are the envy of the world.

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