Top 10 New iPhone Apps For 2014 – 2015

Nowadays we have absolutely every field of applications we could need: finance, cooking, reading, photography, etc. Among so many choices, our publication has selected some of the best free apps for 2014 – 2015 to serve a wide range of needs, from fitness to travel, the management task.

10. Hot5

New iPhone Apps Hot5Hot 5 is an application through which we can access videos about five minutes of exercise (fitness, yoga). It is easy to use and can help you build a customized sports routine. The application is compatible with iPhone.

9. Waze

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Waze is one of the newest acquisitions of Google and is an application that allows us to build routes based on traffic reports accurate. Waze you transmit real-time information about accidents that occurred on the road that are congested areas or other important traffic details. Waze has some interactivity. If you accumulate points, you can add different elements funny routes you do. The application is compatible with iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

8. Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight
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You have to do a quick business trip and you do not get to book your hotel room? Hotel Tonight app has access to information on the most profitable hotels that empty room. The Hotel Tonight you can make reservations and for that you use the app, you get even 70% discount. Compatible with iPhone and Android.

7. 30/30

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It is a very good application for time management. Depending routine that you have on 30/30 can determine how long to grant each action (eg 15 minutes to wash and set, about 15 minutes to check emails). Once you have set the program, you play and starts a timer to help you follow your deadliner sites. The application is compatible with iPhone.

6. GymPact

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It is an application designed to keep you motivated to comply with a exercise program. First, you set a target (eg a week I go to the gym three times). Then put some money on the line. If you hit the target, you earn that amount of money, and if not, you will lose. The application is compatible with iPhone and Android.

5. AroundMe

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If your job involves frequent travel and do not have much time to look for a good restaurant, a pub, a gas station, Around Me helps you quickly find information using GPS. The application is compatible with iPhone and Android.

4. Pocket

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Looking to re-read an article on Forbes or want to look at some video from Youtube, but do not have time right now. Pocket gathers all sorts of such material online that you can review, revise later. The application allows you to save the content that you have no time to see him right now and functions at your phone and tablet computer. The application is compatible with iPgone and Android.

3. Cloze

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If you have an account on Facebook, and on Twitter, and LinkedIn, Cloze helps you integrate all the information coming from these accounts, but also emails you receive, in one place. Application is compatible with iPhone.

2. Mailbox

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It is the perfect application for quick organization even intuitive messages. You can control how you appear to emails on the bow, you can mark that answer those emails later and you can quickly clean inbox. Application is compatible with iPhone.

1. Lyft

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Want to get somewhere as quickly as possible, but do not want to wait for a taxi? Then lyft helps you quickly find him near the place where you are. Lyft service is fast, do not wait more than ten minutes, and payment is only by card. Lyft has a system of “donations”, so if you are satisfied with the driver that you had, you give more money. The application is compatible with iPhone and Android.

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