Top 10 Worst Technological Failures In History

Most of the top Technological Failures In History were widely hyped and aimed at a global market, they were believed to be technologically superior, and with the potential of bringing in millions of dollars in sales revenue. However, as it turned out most of them missed the mark and didn’t live up to fulfill what people expected of them.

10. The Zeppelin

The ZeppelinIt was a futuristic airship of the 18th to early 20th century consisting of fabric-covered tough metallic frames, and gasbags on each individual compartment. These apparatus were used to carry passengers across different European countries, with some reaching as far as the United States. No sooner had they started operating than cases of midair explosions began surfacing, ultimately leading to their downfall.

9. Microsoft Vista 07

Microsoft Vista 07
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Vista was a flagship software project by Microsoft aimed at improving the security feature of their OSs. Nonetheless, users soon realized that these attributes weren’t any better than previous Windows models and in fact had nothing special to offer. On top of that, it wasn’t compatible with older PCs and this greatly limited the number of subscribers signed to the software. MS Vista led Microsoft to register their first quarter revenue sales drop in twenty three years.

8. Quattrocycle Bikes

Quattrocycle Bikes
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These are revamped bicycles with at least four seats and a pedals for each of the riders, they were starting to gain popularity during the 90s but soon became impractical as better locomotion alternatives such as cheap motorcycles emerged. Nowadays, it’s quite hard to find people riding on a quattrocycle.

7. The Manual Typewriter

The Manual Typewriter
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It was invented for the purpose of scripting documents without the use of hands. However, since they relied on standard ink to key in the required numbers/letters, more often than not typewriters became messy and splurged the printing adhesive all over. Thus making the end product untidy.

6. Coal Iron Box

Coal Iron Box
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As the name suggests, it used to have a chamber where hot coal was added in order to generate heat necessary for straightening out the cloth. These products were bulky and there was no way of regulating heat levels once the apparatus became hot, apart from manually removing some of the coal using tongs. Many people have been burnt while using this machine in the past, hence triggering the invention of much more improved versions such as the modern electric iron.

5. Jatropha Oil Production

Jatropha Oil Production

When news got out that there was a plant that could produce petroleum that was just as good as fossil fuel, many people turned to farming this cash crop hoping to generate massive returns in the future. But shock was awaiting them as the berries that jatropha tree gave forth were too small and could not produce enough petroleum for commercial use, jatropha became a failed technological project.

4. The Flying Saucer

The Flying Saucer
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People have always had dreams of jumping aboard a flying saucer just like the imaginary aliens do. However, all attempts to make an aircraft of this nature have proved futile since the laws of aero-dynamism don’t allow rounded-disks to stay afloat for long.

3. The Apple Newton PDA

The Apple Newton PDA
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Way before Apple launched the iPod music device, they had another one known as the Newton. Though innovative in every imaginable way it didn’t get enough market support, and ultimately became a failure. Many stakeholders believe it failed due to an exaggerated price tag and faulty handwriting recognition software.

2. QR Codes

QR CodesQR Code is short form for Quick Response’ system and though they have been with us or the last 10 yrs, nobody seems to care about them at all. They serve the same function as barcodes but with a lot more details. However, problem is that this technology seems to lack a good PR team and most people just don’t know what to do with it. In fact, studies show that approximately 80% of all college-students don’t have an idea on how to operate this program.

1. Digital Audio Tape Recorder

Digital Audio Tape Recorder
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They were first introduced into the market in 1987 and were intended to replace standard cassette players, these devices recorded music digitally at the same quality as a CD or even better. They were superior, durable and far much portable than both CDs and primary tapes. Music experts just can’t figure out why they didn’t took off, and no one even speaks about them nowadays.

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