Top 10 Mind-Blowing Robots Of All Time

From day to day technology is continuing to expand needed of human and also create best robots capable of humanoid movement. to make clear about this please read top 10 mind-blowing robots of all time bellow:

10. The WheeMe

The WheeMe
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The WheeMe is the first body massaging robot in its line. Just the size of the human palm and weighing 240 grams, this robot caresses and massages the body with slow and steady motion. The robot is completely automated, allowing it to steer automatically over your body without losing grip or falling while it provides delightful sense of body pleasures. The robot only costs $ 69.

9. Curiosity Rover

Curiosity Rover

Curiosity Rover is the second robot in the top mind-blowing robots list. This robot is car sized and is built by NASA specially to explore the Gale Crater found in Mars. Curiosity Rover was launched in November 2011 and landed on 6th August 2012 on Gale Creator of Mars making one of the most popular and awesome robot of 2012. Curiosity is still part of NASA’s longest Project that involved over 10 years preparation costing a total of $ 2.5 billions.

8. The Pleo

The Pleo
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Pleo was unveiled in 2006 by Caleb Chung. It is an animatronic pet made inform of a dinosaur, with sophisticated intelligence that allows it to learn from the experiences and environment it’s kept in. It has amazing sensors that could recognize different colors and patterns, hear and respond to different sounds, food and even medicine. This robot is available at $ 469.

7. The PackBot

The PackBot
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PackBot was made by iROBOTS in 2001 and first used to find explosive mines, search builds and clear caves by the US military in Afghanistan. It has an extensive GPS receiver and different sensors making it very are easy to control via computer. The PackBot has assisted with Explosive detection, bomb disposal and analyzing of the environmental condition during warfare.

6. BigDog

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This is the most advanced rough terrain robot ever built in the world. The BigDog measure three feet long, two and a half feet tall and weighs 240 pounds, it is purely designed for military purposes. The robot can move through the toughest of terrain at a speed of 4 mile an hour while carrying 340 pound of weight.

5. I-Sobot

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I-Sobot is one of the smallest humanoid robots ever to be built. It is 6.5 inches in height and weighs only 12 ounces. I-Sobot can walk, play an air guitar and perform more than 200 moves. It uses gyro sensors for balancing and can either be controlled by remote or voice command.

4. Stanley


This is an automated car created by a partnership of Stanford University and Volkswagen Electronic Research laboratory. This machine can automatically analyze terrain with its slick AG LIDAR and GPS system which help it in position sensing. It can travel with speed of up to 25mph on its own.

3. KeepOn

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KeepOn is a small creature like robot that performs non verbal yet simple and amazing interactions with children. It was designed and developed Hideki Kozima in 2007- a Science researcher in Miyagi University, Japan. Only costing $ 100, KeeOn can be used significantly help children with autism in social development.

2. Schaft


This is an award wining robot by Google in 2013 DARPA Robots challenge. It can perform several autonomous tasks; navigate disasters and any tool at hand. The Schaft also has the strength of 10 average people making it able to clear and lift heavy debris during rescue mission. The robot weighs 209 Ibs, approximately 4 feet tall and moves at a speed of 2km per hour.

1. The Titan

The Titan
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At the top of our Mind-Blowing Robots of all Time is the Titan. This is the world largest and strongest robot in the world. It was created in June 2007 by KUKA Robotics- German industrial robot manufactures. This robot can bridge distance of up to six and a half meters while ensuring precise handling of several heavy steel section, engine blocks, ships and aircraft component and more, with much ease.

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