She Was Taking Pictures Lying Down When She Noticed Something Very Odd. Can You See It…

Pregnancy and having a kid in general is weirder than you would think. We’ve all watched those sappy A Baby Story birth shows and though that’s all “reality TV” (probably as real as the “genre” gets), it leaves things out. New mothers see changes in their bodies that many of them are not expecting, and though much of it is kind of cute, a lot of it is terrifying.

Most mothers never experience anything out of the ordinary, but when they do, they often do what this imgur user did.

Four Months And Counting

When imgur user blondebombshell went out to a local park to tan, she didn’t expect to see more than green grass, hot sun and maybe skin a shade or two darker than before. She had been pregnant for four months and couldn’t be happier.
Like Something From Alien

As the happy soon-to-be mom applied her sunscreen, laid down her towel and made herself comfortable, she looked down at her swelling belly to see this. This would be alarming to anyone, especially if you watched that movie Alien in the ’90s (if you don’t know the reference, find a way out from under that rock and google it). She immediately turned to the internet for answers (well, after getting over the shock).
Perfectly Normal

Babies are busy bodies. They move around in there and though it’s usually something moms feel, sometimes, it’s visible to the naked eye. It’s uncommon to recognize physical features of the baby as it moves its hands and feet under mom’s skin. Some moms report it can be painful as these movements stretch skin that isn’t exactly used to that much pressure. It’s all good though, a few pre-birth experiences are a greater reminder that something’s living in there.
She May Have An Athlete On Her Hands

After consulting other moms online, this mom got the good news she was looking for and some reassuring words to keep the next time something weird happens. This little guy or girl will be pretty active from the looks of it.
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